Prices, corn prices could drop to their lowest levels in more than a decade as coronavirus related weakness in demand for gasoline. The oil market is in turmoil but prices are surging on hopes of a new agreement between opec the organization of the, it is illegal for oil producers to meet to discuss pushing up oil prices under u s antitrust law but perfectly legal if. Yesterday u s president donald trump indicated that russia and saudi arabia would cut oil production creating a major, mexico does not plan to cut crude production at state owned oil company pemex even at its most expensive oilfields amid a.

Peter boockvar of the bleakley advisory group discusses what opec saudi arabia russia and the u s can do to stabilize the, asian stocks fell friday after wall street gained for the first time in three days on stronger oil prices despite enduring. These are unique times in the market in general but energy names are getting a double whammy what to look for in midstream, european stock markets sank on friday erasing meagre gains for the week as more companies flagged a hit to business from.

Russian president vladimir putin says he supports cutting oil production by about 10 million barrels a day to shore up falling prices, spot crude oil prices have jumped about $5 per barrel from the lows to friday morning however the out months and years are. Opec has called in an emergency meeting next week and a virtual meeting will take place among opec members on monday

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