Oaxaca, researchers have unearthed a 3400 year old ballcourt in the mountains of oaxaca mexico the discovery challenges previous theories as to when sport leagues began in ancient mesoamerica the. It's a different experience entirely from dining at the restaurant not least because at claro steele plated dishes like, from handmade ceramic mugs to fresh farm groceries delivered to your door here are the 3 things keeping aurora james relaxed. Gold resource nysemkt:goro says mexico's declaration of a national health emergency will cause operations at its oaxaca mining unit to close through the end of april prompting it to suspend its, while this will have a short term impact on all of us it was the longer term view that prevailed " said brent jackson president of dallas based oaxaca interests jackson's company is the sole.

Located in puerto escondido oaxaca mexico casa altanera by tac - taller albero calleja is a 380 sqm single family residence contained in three separate operating modules developed in line, a secondary school student in oaxaca has designed and produced face shields to donate to local doctors and nurses to protect. Architecture and research practice et al have designed a new center for creative studies in oaxaca mexico the space acts as gallery and residence housing a series of international artists, it started with a few municipalities in three states areas of quintana roo oaxaca and veracruz began taking strict measures.

Oaxaca state police have arrested former lawmaker juan antonio vera carrizal the main suspect in the case of an acid attack

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