Imei, you can find the imei number on an android either by dialing or navigating through the settings app of your device. Every single mobile phone on the planet has at least one thing in common: an international mobile equipment identity imei, in cloning a phone's cellular identity a criminal would steal the imei number the unique identifier for every mobile device from the sim cards or the esn or meid serial numbers these identifying. Ali 29 from maradi niger republic said he used apps to alter the imei of phones adding that he learnt the skill from some persons the imei is a unique set of 15 digit numbers to identify gsm, the international mobile equipment identity or imei is a unique number that your service provider uses to identify devices that access the network it is very important because it's used to.

Your iphone's international mobile equipment identity imei number is used by your service provider to validate the device's identify so the appropriate data signal can be sent to the iphone, according to an internal rogers document courtesy of one of our ninjas if a phone is stolen and the imei is identified rogers will input it into the international registry which prevents it from.

If you can help me i'll appreciate it i forgot my icloud username and password but i have imei number can you help me to permanently lock it please!" i think the best advice i can give you, imei is a unique 15 digit serial number that uniquely identifies a gsm or umts mobile phone it consists of four parts and provides information such as the manufacturer to the mobile network. Your iphone has been keeping secrets from you but now you can learn how to use them yourself every iphone has a hidden "field test mode" that will reveal helpful details like its signal

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