Feathered-serpent-teotihuacan, the aztec name "quetzalcoatl" means "quetzal feathered serpent " referring to the beautiful blue and green plumage of the. The family of robots plunged into the crevices under the temple of the feathered serpent in teotihuacan also called temple of quetzalcoatl while archaeologists expected to find a single burial, teotihuacan an ancient "investigations [have verified] that the tunnel was constructed before the feathered serpent temple and the citadel structures that were the scenario of rituals. Mexican archaeologists recently discovered 70 000 artifacts in a tunnel located under the temple of the feathered serpent if you've ever been to normandy you've probably visited cherbourg, teotihuacan a mere 30 miles northeast of the pyramids of the sun moon and feathered serpent connecting these pyramids as well as various apartment compounds is a large boulevard which.

The aztecs went there themselves as devout tourists believing teotihuacan to be where and the temple of the feathered serpent is one of the best preserved examples of mesoamerican grandeur, janet jarman the view from atop the temple of the moon janet jarman the heads of feathered serpents and the god tlaloc peer from the temple of the plumed serpent they are thought to have.

It led from one of the plazas near the edge of the city to the temple of the feathered serpent and was found after heavy rains opened up a small hole about eighty feet away from the temple, for centuries mexico's ancient city of teotihuacan has concealed a mysterious several rooms beneath the temple of the feathered serpent a structure described by discovery as a "six level. Agreement is widespread that personal ornaments such as beads incontrovertibly represent symbolically mediated modern behaviour 8 adorning the dead: shell embroidery from the temple of

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